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With Income Share Agreements, you only pay what you can afford.

No Interest. No debt. More Freedom.

Our Process

Tell Us A Little About You

Input your information so that we can come up with the best Income Share Agreement for you. We use your potential, so we look at factors other than credit score to choose the right income share percent.

Get A Quote

After we receive and process your information, we will provide multiple income share quotes for your convenience. You can even choose between varying term lengths that fit your needs.

Unlock Your Potential

Once you approve an ISA quote, we will send it to our investors to get your existing student loan(s) paid off directly through the loan servicing company. You will then have the peace of mind to focus on your career and life instead of worrying about student loan debts.

How an ISA works

An Income Share Agreements (ISA) can be a great way to refinance student loans. Unlike a traditional student loan, they do not have interest. Instead, your monthly payment is tied to your income, so you only pay what you can afford to pay. If you lose your job and have no income, then your payments pause with no compounding interest. It’s that simple!

A table explaining when you would and when you wouldn't pay with an income share agreement (ISA) versus a traditional loan
Students excited that they were able to graduate due to the freedom of having an income share agreement (ISA)

ISA Benefits

ISAs have many built in protections that make them more fair than a loan. Most importantly, there is no debt associated with an ISA. This means that you are not charged interest and only pay what your income allows you to pay. You are not obligated to pay back what was financed. You also do not have to make payments when you are not making income (i.e. you are free to pursue further education or start a new career without worry). Since your payment adjusts with your income, you are empowered to make the right career decisions.

Is it too good to be true?

This sounds too good to be true, right? Is there a catch? There is no catch but the biggest risk with an ISA is that you could end up paying a lot more if your income really goes up like if you launch the next hot tech startup or climb up fast on the corporate ladder. Even in this situation, you are protected because you always have an option to prepay and we will cap your overall payments giving you upside protection as well. For more information, visit our FAQ.


Table that compares the features of a loan versus an ISA and what monthly payments for each look like a varying levels of income

More Benefits of ISAs

ISAs don’t only benefit students, but society as a whole. ISAs benefit education providers by allowing more students to pursue higher education and quantifying education outcomes. ISAs can help determine what school has the best value based on future earning potential. They also provide more higher education funding options to students, especially those from low-income families. For more information on ISA benefits, visit our FAQ.

A University where students look for funding every day. An ISA can be a great way to refinance student loans.

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